MidCentral Energy Services has evaluated the process used for years in the installation and testing of blow out preventers, and has implemented new processes to expedite this activity. We have embraced engineered design changes which have increased the efficiency of equipment allowing for expedited placement and testing of the blow out prevention equipment. Management controls implemented for field personnel ensure all work is completed efficiently, correctly, and safely.

MidCentral Energy Services has positioned itself to be a long-lasting service company with well trained personnel. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the services space coupled with our aggressive management team has been the foundation of our success. Headquartered in the rich Oklahoma City market, MidCentral Energy Services currently provides BOP services in basins in Oklahoma and Texas and we're currently looking for expansion opportunities throughout the continental US.

We are a "service" driven company as it is reflected in our name, and MidCentral Energy Services is committed to assisting Exploration and Production Companies as well as Drilling Contractors in their efforts to obtain hydrocarbons from the earth's crust. Our process of ensuring each blow out preventer is functioning properly is a vital component to any drilling program.

Our crews utilize floor winches to assist in safely securing the blow-out prevention assembly onto the wellhead design via remote control operation under the sub-structure of the drilling rig. This enables the crews to effectively and efficiently place the equipment where necessary. Once the equipment is secured onto the wellhead, crews initiate the labor intensive portion of nippling-up the BOPs by hammering bolts. Following the nippling up of the assembly, a thorough test is conducted utilizing water as a medium to verify the equipment is ready for the intense drilling activity to follow.

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